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Hi. I'm Lucy!

Originally: An Oregonian who grew up among the Douglas Firs with two little sisters in the 100 acre woods.

Currently: A journalism and international studies senior at the University of Oregon.

Aspiring: A long-form travel + science journalist.

I think shoes and umbrellas are overrated. I love stories of all shapes and sizes. I find unparalleled excitement in spontaneity. I enjoy journaling. I’m pretty sure the right Jack Johnson song and a cold glass of chocolate milk is the key to world peace. I’m in love with the ocean, and one day will live as close to the sea as possible so I can watch the sun dip below the horizon every night. I believe the world would be a better place if adults blew more bubbles. Sunflowers melt my heart. I live off of fresh fruit. I think a great documentary can change your life.

I’m interested in waterfalls, and tracking one drop of water from the top to the bottom, then diving in after it.

I’m interested in stories, and tracking one untold story from the bottom to the top, then sharing it with you.