Hi. I'm Lucy!

Then: Novice (read: enthusiastic) Oregonian tree climber.

Now: Journalism and international studies senior at the University of Oregon.

Soon: Long-form travel + science journalist.

I’m a bilingual reporter, editor and photojournalist with a soft-spot for words. I grew up in a Douglas fir forest and attended an environmental sciences school before earning my BS in journalism and BA in international studies from the University of Oregon. My focus on intercultural connection and fluent Spanish skills has allowed me to share stories from both sides of the equator, and my background in environmental science has me hooked on science journalism.

I think shoes and umbrellas are overrated. I believe the world would be a better place if adults blew more bubbles. Sunflowers melt my heart. I live off fresh fruit. I think a great story can change your life.

LET’S CREATE SOMETHING: lucykleiner31@gmail.com